Long Nigerian hair is a hair blog about growing long healthy hair. It is a sort of online journal for me to record the progress of my hair journey.  I intend to monitor my hair growth month-by-month so that I can keep track of my progress.

Usually, a journey to a long Nigerian hair should not be restricted to achieving great lengths alone, but it should also focus on health of the hair. A healthy hair will in turn translate into a long hair.

On a journey to a long Nigerian hair, length retention is key. Hence, I need to make sure that I curb breakages and regularly deep condition my hair. Also on this journey, I will try new procedures I think will speed up my hair growth rate. They include Green House Effect method, baggying method, inversion method, etc. I always run through the internet to see safe and easy way to grow my hair faster.

As time goes on, I will share content that has to do with Nigerian foods that can help to grow a long Nigerian hair. I share updates about my favorite protective styles such as buns, Marley twists and wigs.

Also, on this blog, I do monthly goals to help me keep track of my progress. The goals also help me to refine my hair regimen, stop the use of a product, or maintain the use of a product.



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