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Be Hairspired – Meet Onyinye, a 4-year Naturalista

February 4, 2018
Onyinye, a 4-year naturalista

Not sure of whether or not to big chop before going natural? Onyinye on our Be Hairspired series today has a few tips to help you make that decision. She has also been able to grow back her edges by adjusting a few of her hair care routines. Ladies, let’s meet Onyinye, a 4-year naturalista.

Please introduce yourself & your location.

My name is Onyinye Achukoh,  I live in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Onyinye, a 4-year naturalista


When & why did you start a healthy hair journey?

I started a healthy hair journey 29th October 2014 when I had my last relaxer and made up my mind ‘never again’. Before then, I have cut my hair several times due to stunted growth, change of color and scalp burns. Even though it was a struggle managing my natural hair, relaxing it always made it worse- I’ve never had a good relaxer experience.

So when I discovered the ease of maintaining natural hair on social media, I researched on it, ogled hair pictures, stalked the pages of anyone with natural hair (LOL). After that last relaxer, I made my decision never to go back, and have been rocking natural ever since.

I big chopped 5th May 2015 because I was impatient and enthusiastic to handle my natural texture.


Onyinye, a 4-year naturalista

What are your future hair goals?

My future hair goals are:

·         Maintain healthy hair

·         Grow fuller hair

·         Get to waist length

Advice for other Nigerian ladies on a hair journey?

My advice to other natural Nigerian ladies is that Technic and Regimen is more important than Products. It’s better to settle into a regimen that works and use correct techniques to handle your hair in order to maximize the effect of the products you are using.

Have you experienced setbacks on your hair journey? How did you bounce back?

Yes, I have experienced several setbacks such as thinning on my edges and around my whole head and hair breakage.  I bounced back by reducing tension on my edges (I stayed off puffs), I greatly reduced my use of shea butter (hair doesn’t seem to like it much), and I stretched out the period between protein treatments.


Onyinye, a 4-year naturalista

What is your hair regimen?

My Hair Regimen has greatly evolved since I began. Currently, this is what works for me:

·         Wash once a month

·         Always deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner, and do a Protein Treatment once in 2months if I’ve been wearing my hair out.

·         I trim when I feel it’s needed (mostly search and destroy method) or else when I twist.

·         I sleep with a satin scarf on a satin pillowcase.

What is the current length of your hair?

My hair is currently shoulder length at the back and chin length in front.

What is your favorite way to style your hair?

 I prefer to style my hair in braid outs, updos, and puffs

What social media channel(s) can we find you?

 You can find me on Instagram: Kachii21

Love to share your hair story to inspire others, please send a mail to

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