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Be Hairspired Series- Miriam’s Hair Story

June 29, 2017
Be hairspired series- Miriam's hair story

We love to celebrate ladies with amazing hair stories. Today, we have someone with a very exciting transitioning & natural hair journey. So grab a bowl of popcorn, a notepad & enjoy! Here’s Miriam’s hair story.

Name & Location:

My name is Miriam Nwanguma. A naturalista, makeup artist and a foodie based in Abuja, Nigeria.

When & why did you start a healthy hair journey(Miriam’s hair story)?

I have always been an ardent admirer of the African virgin hair. I loved its versatility and how eclectic and earthy it is. I also loved how refreshingly “African” it is in a society where all you see is long bouncy weaves and relaxed hair. However, I was hesitant in chopping off my retouched hair because I’m lucky to be blessed with long healthy and full hair. So, I transitioned for about 7 months and one faithful Friday evening in August 2014, I stood in front of my dressing mirror with scissors in one hand and chopped off all my relaxed hair (I still can’t believe I did that!). The next day I went to a barbing salon for a neater and more even cut. And so my natural hair journey began. Lol.


Be hairspired series- Miriam's hair story

What are your future hair goals?

My future goals are: achieving waist length hair ( my shakara will know no bounds), ability to manage and handle my 4b hair myself better because it’s soo full and dense and most times I just go to a salon. And also becoming a style guru cos I love to style my hair. I also hope to go into commercial production of natural hair products, I currently just produce for myself.

Advice for other Nigerian ladies on a hair journey?

My advice for other Nigerian ladies on a hair journey is please be patient with your hair, stop comparing your journey to others, understand your hair, know your hair and above all, love your hair, it’s all yours, so rock it!

Have you experienced setbacks on your hair journey? How did you bounce back?

Setbacks? Hmmm….. a lot of setbacks! I had issues like severe breakage and hair loss, dry and brittle hair. I had to take time and seriously study my hair and study how it reacts to products I use on it. I discovered that with 4b hair, it’s all about moisture, moisture, moisture!!! Also, the importance of detangling before washing cannot be over-emphasized as it makes washing 10 times easier. Also, I learned to wash in matted portions, this reduces breakages drastically and prevents knotting of the hair.

I have severe HIHS (hand-in-Hair Syndrome). Once my hair is out, I can’t keep my fingers off it. I tend to pull off and chop off the knots, especially at the edges and this has led to serious hair loss around my edges. I’m still battling with this…

What is your hair regimen?

My hair regime is pretty straightforward oo. On wash days, I start with hot oil treatment. I apply it on already portioned hair, cover with shower cap and leave it on for about 30mins. Then I wash with my liquid black soap and very warm water which helps in opening up the pores to absorb all the yummy goodness. lol. Then I apply my homemade deep conditioner (if I have the time to make it) or I use my preferred natural hair product which is WE Naturals. After applying the deep conditioner, I use a wide tooth comb to comb my hair gently then braid it in portions again and cover it with a shower cap for about 2-3 hours. I rinse off the deep conditioner with cold water to close the pores and keep the acquired goodness inside. lol. I then apply my conditioner and leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse off, dry my hair with an old t-shirt, apply my leave in conditioner, whipped hair butter, and a little hair oil, comb out the tips by holding it in a puff. Then I style as desired.

During the week, if I discover my hair feels dry, I do a quick co-wash, then style for the rest of the week before the next wash day.

Be hairspired series- Miriam's hair story


What is the current length of your hair?

My hair is currently shoulder length when stretched.

What is your favorite way to style your hair?

My favorite way to style my hair is a high puff with the tips stylishly tucked in. This style suits my face perfectly, can be accessorized with pretty bows, bands, and clips and can last for up to 2 weeks.

Be hairspired series- Miriam's hair story

What social media channel(s) can we find you?

my IG handle is @pouts_n_glitaz

Twitter is pouts_n_glitaz

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