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Beginner's series

How to Save Money on Natural Hair

January 24, 2018
save money on natural hair

When you decided to go natural, a lot of people told you it was the best move for your hair; that your hair will be healthy, free of chemicals plus you will reduce your chances of getting fibroids, etc. You went natural and discovered that the money you spend on hair products was moving at a faster pace than the growth of your natural hair. Sounds familiar? Back then, in the quest of trying to grow my hair long & healthy, I bought every natural hair product a blogger I was following raved about. Name them sulfate-free this, paraben-free that, unrefined, 100% natural, biotin etc; I was lost in the maze of the natural hair world. Although I’m still learning, the monthly fee I spend on my natural hair has reduced drastically. Here’s how to save money on natural hair.

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Beginner's series

How to go from Relaxed to Natural Hair

November 20, 2017
relaxed to natural hair

After seeing most of your female coworkers or classmates rocking their natural hair in various hairdo, you might have finally caught the bug and decided to go natural. But how? you might be wondering. Someone might have even recommended to you “Just cut off all your relaxed hair! it’s hair, it will grow back”. You might have been taken aback especially when you remembered how long you have been growing your hair. Don’t worry, let’s see some ways to go from relaxed to natural hair without giving yourself a heart attack.

What is natural hair?

It is your hair that has not been chemically straightened with relaxers or any other kinds of chemicals. Here in Nigeria, natural hair is also called virgin hair.

I don’t want to cut my hair, how else can I go natural?

The first thing to do is to stop applying relaxers or texturizers on your hair. This way you can start your transition journey to natural hair.

relaxed to natural hair

What is transitioning?

This is when you do not cut off all your hair before you go from relaxed to natural hair. Instead, you will stop applying relaxers to your hair. One or two months after you stop applying the relaxers, you will notice your new curly natural hair sprouting out. This means that you now have two textures of hair on your head, your relaxed hair & also your natural hair.

How long can I transition for?

You can transition as long as you are comfortable with. Even after 2 years, I am still transitioning. Transitioning, however, takes a lot of effort, especially when you have two textures (relaxed & natural) of hair.

relaxed to natural hair

Maybe I should just start from the scratch. How do I do it?

So you can do this before you start your journey to natural hair by cutting all of your relaxed hair. You might be shy of moving around with a shiny head, hence you can wait for one month when your natural hair starts showing then cut off the relaxed part. Also, you can transition for a while & then cut your hair once you are comfortable with the length your natural hair. All of these cutting is known as the big chop. You might have heard the phrase from your friends or on a natural hair blog. You will need to also get the right hair products to start your journey.

Yup! There it is. You can go from relaxed to natural hair either by transitioning or by cutting your hair & starting from the scratch. The bottom line, however, is that you will stop applying relaxers or texturizers hair in order to stay natural.

Did you go natural recently? How did you do it? Let’s learn from you.

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Beginner's series

Eucalyptus Oil for Itchy Scalp Relief

June 28, 2016
Eucalyptus oil for itchy scalp - long Nigerian hair

Have you ever experienced an itchy scalp whereby you feel like taking off your scalp (if you could) and scratch the daylight out of it? Well, this was my situation last week. For one reason or the other, my scalp itches whenever I have Senegalese twists on. In last week’s post, we learnt that scratching your scalp can weaken your hair shaft. So it is not advisable to scratch your scalp. After surfing the internet for a few minutes, I found a remedy that gave me relief from my itchy scalp.


Extra virgin olive oil

Silverbird Eucalyptus oil

Applicator bottle

Eucalyptus oil for itchy scalp - long Nigerian hair

Let’s get an insight to why eucalyptus oil worked for my itchy scalp. According to

There are a number of benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair, including strengthening the hair follicles, improving the shine and overall health of the hair, and calming an itchy, inflamed scalp. The oil also has a number of anti-fungal properties that can help ward off infection and keep residue from building up and clogging pores on the head.

I mixed my eucalyptus oil to with olive oil because Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil which can be very potent. I did not know whether my scalp will react negatively to it or not. I mixed it to be on a safer side. I added about half the cap of the eucalyptus oil to two full caps of the olive oil in my applicator bottle.

Eucalyptus oil for itchy scalp - long Nigerian hair

Eucalyptus oil has a strong smell. So, I applied the mix overnight, so that by morning, the smell of the eucalyptus oil will be reduced. It is advised that you rinse your scalp the next morning. I skipped this because of my crazy work schedule. I intend to have a wash day this weekend anyways.

The day after applying the mixture, I had to remind myself that I had not scratched my scalp that day. The itchiness was gone.

Ever experienced itchy scalp, how did you treat it?

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Beginner's series Regimen

5 Affordable Hair Products (Below N1,000)

May 13, 2016
Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

If you are like me, you  will most likely sort a hair product website by low to high when looking to buy a new product. I am always looking out for sales as well as promos when it comes to hair products. However, this does not mean that I will lower the quality of what I want in a product just because of its price. So, I have decided to put together a few affordable hair products below N1,000.

Shea butter: Also known as “ori”. You can use it to seal in moisture into your hair. I have some natural hair ladies who said it made their hair softer. It is usually sold either in square cuts or in small containers. Depending on the quantity you want to get, the price ranges from N50 to N500.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Black soap: A lot of natural have a lot of nice things to say about this black soap especially that it does a good job at cleaning their scalp. You may have to melt it in warm water before you wash your hair with it. A bar of black soap like Dudu-Osun sells between N185 to N220 in lots of shops.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Coconut oil: One of the few affordable hair products below N1,000 is coconut oil. This is one of my favorite oils and thank God, it is quite affordable too.  It is also called “Adi-agbon”.I got my N250ml bottle for N800. I use it for pre-poo as well as a massage oil for my scalp. It also helps to detangle your hair properly too.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Natural Deep Conditioners: I am referring to eggs, avocado, honey, etc. Many of these items are already in your kitchen. I usually add honey to my deep conditioners to give it some moisture boost. An egg is about N30 –N50 in Lagos. My mum used to have a mini poultry, so I got “free” eggs sometimes. Lol. Avocado also sells between N50 – N150 too. I got my bottle of original honey for N1,000 from a family friend who bought it from the honey hunters in Kogi state.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Satin caps: One of the affordable hair products is a satin cap. We all know that sleeping in satin caps reduce hair breakage while sleeping and also prevent moisture loss from your hair. You can get one for yourself between N600-N900. You can even make one by yourself if you are a fan of DIYs.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Remember that not all products work for everyone the same way. Know your hair and what works for it.

So, what good product have you used recently that worked for you below N1,000?

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Beginner's series Hair Breakage

5 Tips to Reduce Hair Breakage

May 4, 2016

Hello! How is your day going? Last week, we started the hair breakage series. We mentioned the causes of hair breakage as well as the difference between hair breakage and shedding. Since we know the causes, let’s talk about tips to reduce hair breakage. The first step to reducing hair breakage is to know the underlying cause of your hair breakage which could be any of those discussed in the last post.

Deep Conditioning is Key

Deep conditioning your hair can help to reduce hair breakage in two ways. Firstly, if your hair feels limp and mushy, a protein conditioning treatment will help to restore some keratin back to your hair. But be careful, too much of this can also cause hair breakage. If your hair feels hard & brittle, a moisturizing conditioner will come in handy.

Tips to reduce hair breakage - long Nigerian hair

Use the Right Tools while Detangling

One of the important tools you need while detangling your hair is patience. Rushing through the detangling process may cause your hair to break. Remember to use your fingers at first to detangle before using a comb. For me, I like to spray little water mixed with coconut oil on my hair for easy detangling.

Trim your Split Ends

If you do not cut split ends, the split will travel up the length of your hair and even cause more damage. Always use a hair scissors when trimming your hair instead of a paper scissors.

Tips to reduce hair breakage - long Nigerian hair

Moisturize & Seal Regularly

I am sure you have heard this one over and over again. Hair that is dry is prone to breakage as compared to hair that is well moisturized. Applying only hair cream or oil to your hair may not be a good way to effectively moisturize it. You can apply water or leave-in conditioner to your hair, then seal with an oil of your choice.

Stop Overlapping your Relaxer

If you relax your hair regularly, apply relaxer only to the undergrowth as we call it. This is because you have already relaxed the older part of your hair before. If you apply relaxer to those parts again, they tend to become weaker.

These are tips that have worked for me. Remember, you have to know your hair & things that works for it. Please feel free to share other tips to reduce hair breakage if you have any as well.

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Beginner's series Hair Breakage

Is your Hair breaking or Shedding?

April 26, 2016
hair breakage vs shedding - long Nigerian hair

Last week, I heard about three ladies complaining that their hair keeps on breaking and they had not idea on what to do. Personally, I have experienced hair breakage at different points of my hair journey. Over the next blog posts, we will all discus hair breakage as well as the causes and how to fight it. We will learn and unlearn in this hair breakage series. Please feel free to ask questions & make contributions in the comment section. Beginning today, let us discuss the difference between hair breakage and shedding. Knowing the difference between these two can help you better your hair journey.

What is Hair Shedding?

Each strand of hair has a growing cycle. When a strand has completed its growing circle, it falls from your scalp. Usually this strand has a white bulb at the end of it. Look at the picture below. According to this source, you lose an average to 50-100 strands of hair every day.

You will notice that whenever you take out your braids or weave-ons after about a month of wearing them, there will be a lot of shed hairs. You will also notice that shed hair are usually long in length because they come out from the root to tip of your hair.

However, some people lose way more than the average amount. It is called excessive shedding. This could be as a result of

– An illness

– Stress

– Poor nutrition

– Post baby birth

– Hormonal changes, etc.

What is Hair Breakage?

This on the other hand is not natural like shedding. It is cause by a lot of thing. The hair does not fall naturally from the scalp. Instead, the hair breaks from any part of the hair. You will not see a white bulb at the end of strands that broke off. You might notice that breakage occurs at the oldest parts of your hair around the tips.

Causes of Hair Breakage

– Dryness of hair

– Lack or too much protein

– Excessive combing of hair

– Overuse of hair straighteners

By the next post, we will talk about how to reduce hair breakage. Meanwhile, please share your experiences of hair breakage.

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Beginner's series Protective Styling

4 Ouchless Bands Hair Benefits

April 19, 2016
ouchless bands hair benefits.

Yay!!! I finally got my Ouchless bands. I’ve been craving them for a while now. I know that my hair is usually being punished whenever I used those regular bands. On Saturday when I went to Yaba market, I stopped by woman who sells hair accessories. According to her, her hair accessories are from Korea. Lol. I was looking to buy Alice bands from her when my eyes fell on the ouchless bands. I remember I saw these bands last year on Mr. Price’s website for N1000. I bought a pack of four from this woman at N250. Good deal abi? *Winks* Let’s talk about ouchless bands hair benefits.

I guess they are called ‘Ouchless’ because they do not pull at your hair while using them unlike the regular hair bands at the market. Those regular bands are usually cheaper than these ones.

ouchless bands hair benefits.

The regular hair bands have a metal at the end that joins both sides of the band together. Aside the metal, some will have the glue sticking out, thereby leaving a sharp point on the band.

One of ouchless bands hair benefits is that you are able to retain the length of your hair better. Unlike the regular hair bands whose metals can cut your hair, these ones do not do that.

Also, the metals of those regular hair bands can tug at our hair and cause split ends. Nobody wants their hair to have split ends, because the best remedy for split ends is to cut the split ends off.

ouchless bands hair benefits.

Ouchless Band

I know that the regular bands come in a variety of colours. However, the ouchless hair bands also come in a variety of colours and even designs too. There is no need to worry about boring bands. Cool Stuff

Whether natural hair or relaxed hair, I think everyone should get these bands. What do you like about these bands if you have one?

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