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Moisturizing Oils for DIY Leave-in Conditioner

moisturizing oils

Hello! Last week, I experimented with a DIY leave-in conditioner using some oils as well as glycerin. My hair felt great, but for some reasons, it dried out very quickly. I came across an article his week which mentioned that some oils are best for moisturizing while others are best for sealing. This is due to certain components (fatty acids, molecular structure, etc) in these oils. This could mean that some selections of moisturizing oils for DIY leave-in conditioner would be perfect.

Top Moisturizing Oils for DIY Leave-in Conditioner

Coconut Oil: A lot of hair enthusiasts are in love with this oil. Personally, I use it when pre-pooing. It has the capacity of penetrating the hair. However, it should be used with water when doing the DIY. This is because, not all of it gets absorbed into the hair, some might still sit on the hair.

Moisturizing oils

Olive Oil: Prior to now, I used olive oil as a sealant because of the shine it gives. I mixed it with my deep conditioner sometimes too. However, it is a moisturizing oil. Like coconut oil, it works best when mixed with water.

Moisturizing oils

Palm Kernel Oil: It is said that  this has the capacity to penetrate the hair, although sufficient research has not been done on it. Palm kernel oil has a nutty smell. Women in some parts of Nigeria applied it on the skin of babies. Now I know that it is also beneficial for my hair. In case you are looking for it in Lagos, it is called “Adi Ekuro”.

Avocado Oil: I have not used this oil before.However, internet sources claim that it has the ability to penetrate into the hair. I would like to experiment with it someday.

Moisturizing oils

Now that I know the top moisturizing oils for DIY leave-in conditioner, it is important to know the best oils to use when sealing in moisture. They include Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Grape seed oil, Jojoba oil.

Which of these oils do you use?


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5 Tips for Long Hair Growth

tips for long hair growth - long Nigerian hair

There are some times you sit in a bus, or even just walking down your street and you see a lady with long & full hair. Most times, you would be tempted to ask if that is her real hair. The next question many of us would ask is either “What do you put on your hair?” or “How do you grow your hair longer?” Here are 5 tips for long hair growth:

  1. Set your hair goals: Just the same way you set goals for what you want to achieve in life; you can also set goals for what you want to see in your hair.             You should also write down your hair goals so that you can always go back to them. For example, you can say that “ I want my hair length to have grown by 2 inches by July 31st 2016”                                                                                                                            
  2. Know your hair: It took me a couple of months to understand my hair. Does your hair prefer protein deep conditioning to moisture deep conditioning? What oils & butters work best for your hair?                                                                             For example, a lot of people on the internet say that their hair loves coconut oil as a sealant. For me, it makes my hair really hard & crunchy. I only use it as a pre-poo or to oil my dry scalp.
  3. Deep Condition Regularly: For long hair growth, deep conditioning is very compulsory. You can do this every week, or every two weeks. This depends on your hair as well.

    tips for long hair growth - long Nigerian hair
    Protein Deep Conditioners
  4. Moisturizing & Sealing: A friend of mine complained, “My hair is soo dry, although I oiled it this morning”. Oil alone is not a perfect moisturizer.
  5. For long hair growth, you are to apply water or leave in conditioner that has water in it first to your hair. You can then apply the oil to seal in moisture in to your hair.                                                           tips for long hair growth - long Nigerian hair
  6. Master your Detangling Process: At the beginning of my hair journey, I suffered a lot of hair breakage because I was too impatient to detangle my hair and I did not even know how to go about it.                                                                             You should detangle with a wide tooth comb, from root to tips. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to give your hair a slip.

Feel free to add your own tips for long hair growth.

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Hair Dilemma | Going back to Relaxed Hair?

Going back to relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair

Lately, I have been battling with several thoughts in my head about going back to relaxed hair. When people see my hair, they ask “ Are you natural too?” , “You are transitioning abi?”.  I am not exactly sure what to answer some times. I could just say “I have not just relaxed in a while”, or “I may be transitioning”, etc.

Sincerely, I do not know whether or not to go natural. All I want is my hair to be healthy and very long. I decided not to relax my hair for 10 months so far because I wanted to see what my natural hair really looks like.

The last time I saw my natural hair in all its glory was when I was 8 years old. Then, I would have tears in my eyes on my way back from the hair salon because my hair was so tough to handle. Hairdressers would complain that my hair was too thick. Their combs would also complain by breaking. Nobody knew about moisturizing and sealing back then.

Going back to relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair


From the last 10 months, I noticed that the front part of my hair is fragile, the middle is a thick forest and the back is sooo soft and fluffy. My hair prefers to be left alone most of the time. It prefers moisturizing conditioners to protein conditioners.

I enjoyed the straight look of my relaxed hair.  My relaxed hair shined easily even with little product, unlike my natural hair that would sometimes refuse to shine no matter the water, butter and oil in it.

Going back to relaxed hair? long Nigerian hair

I must confess that my natural hair feels and looks healthier than my relaxed hair.  I also enjoy the fact that my hair is really full and thick.

My natural hair is an ever-thirsty camel.  It takes in lots of moisture, shampoo, deep conditioner, etc.  My relaxed hair was easier to manage than my natural hair. My arms usually ache while I am washing my hair these days.

For now, I will just enjoy my hair the way it is. I don’t plan to big chop. I might change my mind tomorrow and relax my hair.

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December Hair Goals & Regimen

Hair goals are important when on a journey to long Nigerian hair

Happy new month! It’s time to set some hair goals for the last month of 2015. December is one of my favorite months in a year for a lot reasons. Firstly, I love the harmattan that comes with it. Secondly, holidays & family reunions & lots of food to eat. However, it is important to set some hair goals in order to maintain healthy hair this holiday.

December hair goals for long Nigerian hair

Key Pointers for December Hair Goals & Regimen

  • Moisture, Moisture & more Moisture: One major reason it seems i’m screaming the word “moisture” is because of the harmattan. Dryness is synonymous with this weather. I intend to incorporate a lot of  moisture into my hair regimen this December. I intend to do the LOC (Liquid, Oil & Creme) to add moisture to my hair.  Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil, Strengthen, grow & restore leave-in conditioner is the liquid. Grape seed oil is the Oil while Elasta Qp mango butter moisturizer is the creme.
  • Protective Styling: I intend to wear my hair in protective styles 90% of the time this month. I will switch up my hair style with a variety of wigs. With wigs, my hair is protected beneath.
  • Moisture Deep Conditioning: Because of the dryness of the harmattan, I will add some honey to my deep conditioning treatment to boost the moisture.
  • #One_Inch_December: In line with hair growth challenge currently ongoing, i should have grown an inch of hair by December 31st. I will do the inversion method in the first week of December.



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5 Tips to Reduce Hair Breakage this Harmattan

Harmattan essentials when on a journey to long Nigerian hair

Finally! Harmattan is here. It’s time to adapt a  harmattan hair regimen. For readers who do not know, harmattan is one of the season here in Nigerian. It is known for its dryness, cold & haziness. I wanted to write a post on a harmattan hair regimen since last week but I had not seen any harmattan then. I stepped out of my house this morning, and voila, my favorite season of the year was here. Yaaay! But then, this weather comes with a lot of hiccups:

  • Cracked lips & soles of feet
  • Dry skin including ash-looking elbows, knuckles & knees
  • Conjunctivitis (a.k.a Apollo)
  • Dry & itchy hair scalp
  • Hair dryness
  • Cold & Catarrh
  • Excessive dust

Despite these hiccups, you & your hair can still enjoy this weather. Here are top 5 tips

  1. Increase Water Intake:True. Beauty starts from the inside. It is recommended that you take a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. But with this harmattan, you need to unleash the camel in you. Lol. Even if you feel lazy to drink 8 glasses of water, the frequent thirst as a result of the weather will propel you to drink water. Drink as much water as you can this harmattan. You skin & hair will thank you for it. Deep conditioner for hamattan for long Nigerian hair.
  2. Moisturize & Seal in Moisture Daily: Because of the dryness that this weather brings, you MUST moisturize your hair at least once a day. Get a spray bottle, leave-in conditioner and your favourite oil or butter. You can mix some water & the leave-in in the spray bottle. Spray it on your hair and then apply your oil or butter to seal in the  moisture.                                                                                    DSCF0409
  3. Reduce Manipulation: Sincerely, harmattan is not the time to manipulate your hair excessively. You will say: “But I want to do 1 million braids for Christmas”, “I want tiny Ghana-weaving”, “I want to make 3 different styles before the new year”. I understand, but the health of your hair should not be compromised. You can do hairstyles that do not require too much manipulation like normal or chunky braids & twist, weaves, etc.                                                                                                   collage_20150518084707350_20150518084849976
  4. Protective Styling: As the name implies, you need to protect your hair with protective styles like box braids, Senegalese twists, wigs (my favorite), faux locs, etc. You can even add some spice to protective styling with turbans & head wraps.                                                                                                                         Scarves add some colour when protective styling in order to achieve a long Nigerian hair.
  5. Deep Conditioning: At least once in 2 weeks,  you should deep condition with a moisture deep conditioner like Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment. You can add some honey to this deep conditioner to give an additional moisture boost.
Deep conditioner for hamattan for long Nigerian hair.
Source: Amazon


Remember you skin needs some love this harmattan as well. You can try using shea butter on your skin to reduce dryness. For me, the good ol’ Vaseline petroleum jelly is perfect for my elbows, knees, knuckles & heels

Deep conditioner for hamattan for long Nigerian hair.


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Length Check- Hair Growth Challenge

Length checks should be done at the beginning of a hair growth challenge. #One_Inch_December

Whoop! whoop!! We have one day left to the #One_Inch_December Hair Growth challenge. I decided to check the current length of my hair. I did this so that at the end of 30 days, i should be able to measure whether or not i have gained my one inch of hair. This is essential when on a hair growth challenge.

I used a tape rule to measure the length of my hair. I asked a friend to help me out with the pictures. I used a mirror to  see where to place the tape -rule before taking the pictures. You can also use a ruler to measure the length of your hair.

Length checks should be done at the beginning of a hair growth challenge. #One_Inch_December


Length checks should be done at the beginning of a hair growth challenge. #One_Inch_December


Length checks should be done at the beginning of a hair growth challenge. #One_Inch_December



Make sure you write down the measurements of your hair as well. To get the exact measurement of your hair, you can spray your hair lightly with some water so it is damp and stretchy. Be careful not to pull your hair too tightly so that it does not break

Length checks should be done at the beginning of a hair growth challenge. #One_Inch_December

PS: For me, i will start the invention method tomorrow. A post is coming up tomorrow on how to do the inversion method for hair growth. It helps you to gain an inch of hair, especially when on a hair growth challenge like this one.

Want a long Nigerian hair or African hair, join the #One_Inch_December hair growth challenge. Click below:

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