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Protective Styling

10 Protective hairstyles for Harmattan

January 8, 2018
protective hairstyles for harmattan

Finally, the Harmattan is here! You might have noticed that you need to apply more lip balm as well as carry a moisturizer around for your skin. Your hair also needs some tender loving care this harmattan. If your hair is left unattended to in this weather, it will get extremely dry, brittle & start to break off. You don’t want such for your hair. Here are some protective hairstyles for harmattan we’ve curated for you, so you still look chic & your hair is also protected.

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Protective Styling

Ms. Adichie’s Natural Hairstyles to Try this July

July 20, 2017

Hello, beautiful people! The award winning Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has served us so many hair goals this year we can’t help but share a few here. I noticed that most of them look like protective styles while one showed off some of the current hair trends in Lagos. If you also love easy-to-make hairstyles, then check out her natural hairstyles to try this July.

1. The Haverford College 2017 Commencement Ceremony

Check out the side pompadour of Ms. Adichie as she delivers her speech at the commencement ceremony. Also, notice the twist she gave that ceremonial cap.  Love it!


2.The Inaugural Downtown Columbia Book Festival. Columbia, Maryland.

Here, Ms. Adichie took the two-sided shuku hairstyle to another level. Instead of small cornrows to form the shuku, she did 2 big twists to perfect the style.It perfectly complimented her entire look to the event. Looks like a style that will be easy to pull off too. I’m super tempted to experiment with this style this weekend.

3.Commencement Speech at Williams College:

Her hair-do for this event was a mix of twists & mini buns, or should we say twist & turns. This style is super elegant yet makes a bold style statement.


4.At Dior’s Fall/Winter ’17 Coutre Runway Show at Paris Fashion Week

Beading is the new way to style braids. Everyone is in on this trend including Ms. Adichie. The braids together with her outfit gives her a chic look.


natural hairstyles to try this July

Source: Getty Images- Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

Loved any of the natural hairstyles? Tell us your favorite!

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Protective Styling Transitioning

Transitioning Hairstyles for Beginners

March 17, 2017

Hello, how are you today? Finally, it seems like the rainy season has begun in Lagos already. Please keep warm & eat lots of fruits. Back to today’s topic! So many Nigerians now want to go natural, but they are stuck at whether or not they should ” cut their hair” a.k.a start afresh or they should transition. For those that are transitioning, they are not sure of how to style their hair. For me, when I started transitioning, I decided to cover up my hair with wigs, and that was when I discovered my love for wigs. However, there are actually so many transitioning hairstyles for beginners across the internet that you can try out.

These hairstyles are quite easy to do in no amount of time.

1. Buns with Accessories:

It’s super easy to pull up a bun, but make sure that edges are not pulled too tightly. Because you have two textures in your hair now (relaxed & natural hair) you can use Alice bands or scarfs to decorate or hide the new growth you have.

2. Bantu Knots Out:

Thank God I discovered this style in my early transitioning days. It was really easy to learn & practice. Once you have moisturized your hair, you just need to roll each section around itself & unravel the next morning. Viola!

3. Twists & Box Braids:

You can decide to twist just your own hair or add extensions to it. But bear in mind that your twists & braids should not be too tight so it does not cost you your edges.

Transitioning hairstyles for beginners

4. Crochet Braids:

As long as your plait beneath the crochet is not tight, crochet braids are really beautiful transitioning hairstyles for beginners.

Transitioning hairstyles - crochet braids

5. Flexi Rods:

Looking for a way to blend your relaxed hair and the new growth you have? Try Flexi rods. In Lagos, most people know Flexi rods as bending rollers. In case, you want to buy, you know what to call it.

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Protective Styling

Lagos Floor Length Braids – Pros & Cons

February 21, 2017
Floor Length Braids

Hello! Who else has seen the floor length braids rocking the streets of Lagos? I was awed last week when I saw a lady on a bike with her floor length braids flying behind her. To add some color to this braids, some ladies make it two-toned, for example, black & gold, black & purple, brown & gold, etc. You might have been thinking of getting this style done, but first of all, let’s discuss the pros & cons.


The style is beautiful, especially when it is two-toned. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, yes, this is definitely for you! Want to be a show stopper as well? Oh yes! This is your style.


Maintenance & Care: When I do regular bra-length braids, it takes two days for me to adjust with the new “load” I have on my head. See what Naija Single Girl said about her knee-length braids:

No hair net could wrap it at night! I was wearing a flair skirt on my head to shower.
Sleeping nko? My corner was a top bunk and when I lie down, it dangled to the bottom bunk.

Cost Factor: I heard it take about 10 packs of hair extensions to make these floor length braids. With the ongoing recession in the country, a pack costs N1,000. Well……… maybe we should reserve this style for “big girls”. *just saying*

Hairline Check: We know that the more weight of extensions you put on your hair, the greater the chances of damaging your hairline. With the new craze of braid wigs, you can still rock your floor length braids with wigs instead.

Work/Social Life: Many work places in Lagos frown at such hairstyles as they claim it might distract your coworkers from concentrating at work. But if your workplace does not have such restrictions, you can rock it.

floor length braids - long nigerian hair

Erykah Badu. Photo Credit: Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Well, it seems the cons outweighed the pros for this floor-length braid style. But the choice still lies with you though.

See our very own Denrele rocking his.


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Protective Styling

Prepping your Hair for Wigs – How to

February 7, 2017
Prepping your Hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

Hello. I’m back with my wig regimen. I intend to take a break from styling & manipulating my natural hair. As usual, my go-to is a wig. Some of us enjoying wigs for a variety of reasons. For me, when my schedule becomes crazy or I want to take a break of my hair, I resort to wigs. However, prepping your hair for wigs is important. You should do it at least a week before you start wearing the wig.

Prepping your Hair for Wigs

1.Deep Condition: This is very important especially if you are wearing your wigs for more than a week. I used Creme of Nature Masque to deep condition at least a week before I start to wear my wigs.

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

2. Moisturize: You might already have moisturized & sealed your hair after deep conditioning it, but you have to check again to make sure there is no dry strand of hair anywhere. Because your hair will be hidden under a wig does not mean you should neglect moisturizing it.

3. Plait beneath the Wig: You should also consider the kind of plait that will be under your wig. If I am wearing a straight wig, I prefer to do Didi. This way there are no bumps protruding out of the wig & the wig sits well on the scalp. Yo can do flat twists if you want your wig to appear fuller.

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

4.Daily Care: I prefer to spray a mixture of water & olive oil on the plaits every morning.

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

The Wig(Find it here):

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

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Protective Styling

One Scarf, Tied 5 Different Ways

February 1, 2017
scarf styles - long Nigerian hair

Scarves add a “zing” to your outfit. They are also great for covering up a bad hair day. Have a scarf and not sure how to tie it? This post’s for you. For the 5 styles done in the post, I used a pashmina that is soft in texture. This allows for flexibility when trying to achieve a style.

1. The Top Knot: An amazing style when you want a chic look. It works well with casual & semi-formal outfits.


i. Starting from the back, tie the two lengths of the pashmina in front once.

ii.Twist one length and turn it at the front part of your head. Do the same for the other length

iii. Tuck the ends of both ends into each other at the top. Viola!

scarf styles - long Nigerian hair

2. One-Sided Croissant: Not edible though, lol, its shape reminds you of croissant. You can pair this style with your casual tops & dresses.


i. Start from the back of your head. Tie the two lengths in front once.

ii. Twist both lengths across each other to form the croissant.

iii. Wrap the length across one side of your head. Tuck it in at the back

scarf styles - long Nigerian hair

3. Iya Mi Leko: This style is popular among the women who sell fabrics on Lagos Island hence the name. You can do this style with an Ankara scarf on Fridays or Sundays to church.


i. Start front the front part of your head & tie the two lengths at the back.

ii. Pass the right length over half part of your head to the left. Pass the left length to the right

iii. Tie both ends at the back.

scarf styles - long Nigerian hair


4. Double Twists: Inspired by Angelique Kidjo, this is one style that looks great when paired with denim.


i. Tie both lengths of the scarf to the front

ii. Twist each individual lengths. Wrap the right length over to the left & vice versa

iii. Knot the ends of both lengths

5. Low-back Donut: One of my favorites. This can be put together in less than 3 minutes.


i. Start from the back and tie the 2 lengths at the back.

ii. Create a halo at the back by wrapping the right length in circles. Do the same for the left length

iii. Tuck the ends into the created donut.

scarf styles - long Nigerian hair

Which is your favorite?

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Protective Styling Tribal Hair Lessons

How to Achieve the Wodaabe Hair Look

January 4, 2017
Wodaabe hair look - long Nigerian hair

Happy new year! 2017 is full of opportunities for us to learn & unlearn about life including our hair journeys of course. Last week, there was a post about the Wodaabe tribe in Nigeria and hair lessons we could use from them. I decided to try out some of their interesting hair styles on my hair. Prior to doing this, I already had my wash day where I fortified my hair with Aphogee Keratin Reconstructor. This protected my hair from breakage while I manipulated it to achieve the style. So, let’s see how to achieve the Wodaabe hair look.

1. I divided my hair into 4 unequal halves. I divided the sides in such a way that when I plait them, their braids will dangle in front. I also made middle front part bigger than the one at the back.

Wodaabe hair look - long Nigerian hair

2. I started off by doing didi plaits on both sides and at the back too.

4. For the front part, I did didi as well. Towards the ends where a braid should be, it was not braided. it was converted to a pompadour.

5. I finished off by using a string of blue beads to decorate the style.

Wodaabe hair look - long Nigerian hair

Pros of Wodaabe Hair Look

  • It is an amazing protective style with the ends of your hair tucked in.
  • Heavy manipulation of your hair is also not required.

Cons of Wodaabe Hair Look

  • You are going to receive a lot of stares from people the day you do this style. If you are the shy type, you may not want to do it.
  • If your skin is prone to acne, the full pompadour in front might rub against your skin and trigger break outs. You can raise the pompadour higher away from your skin to prevent this.
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