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First Attempt at DIY Leave-in Conditioner

September 6, 2016
DIY Leave-in conditioner

Hi ladies! How is the new week going? I had my wash day on Sunday and I did something new. Prior to this week, my leave-in conditioner was the Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1. I bought it because a friend raved about it. I noticed that whenever I used it, my hair felt really soft but looked dull & weighed down. I discontinued the product. Since I no longer have a leave-in conditioner, I decided to surf the web for a DIY leave-in conditioner.

I was excited when I saw lots of DIY leave-in conditioners recipes to try out. There were so many ingredients to pick out from as well, such as coconut oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil etc. I did not have all the stuff they recommended for a recipe, so I created mine.

DIY Leave-in Conditioner Ingredients


Castor Oil

Olive Oil



  1. Poured some water in my big spray bottle
  2. Added a few drops of glycerine
  3. I then added the one teaspoon each of castor oil and olive oil to the water
  4. I shook the bottle to mix the contents together. Applied to hair
  5. I did not use the entire content in the spray bottle. I intend to use the rest during the week.

DIY Leave-in conditioner


Did my Hair Love the DIY Leave-in Conditioner?

Yes! Yes!! My hair was quite soft & shiny when I was done applying it. It remained soft while I did my chunky twists as well. *Fingers crossed*.  I hope this newly found miracle leave-in of mine lasts long too.

DIY Leave-in conditioner

Have you tried DIY leave-in conditioners? What was your experience like?




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Hair Goals Regimen

June Hair Schedule

June 8, 2016
June hair schedule - long Nigerian hair

We are gradually entering into the second half of the year. I hope it’s not too late to say “Happy New Month!!!”. My hair schedule keeps me on track to know how well I am handling my hair. I usually plan bi-weekly in a month. This schedule is not rigid. It is flexible to accommodate the condition of my hair as well as my busy work schedule.  My hair schedule includes cleansing of my scalp, deep conditioning as well as protective styling. So let’s get to it:

June hair schedule - long Nigerian hair

Weeks 1 & 2 – Clean. Deep Condition. Protective Style

I will wash my hair by the end of week 2. I intend to use both a protein treatment and a moisturizing treatment. This is because I want to install Marley twists for weeks 3 & 4. My protective style for both week 1 and 2 will be a wig.

Weeks 3 &4– Protective Styling with Marley Twists

If my wash day goes as planned in week 2, I intend to install Marley twists which I will rock for the next two weeks. I promise to post photos of it

Week 5– Protective Styling & Wash Day

This is one of those months with five weeks. This week, I plan to continue to enjoy my Marley twists. If I notice that my scalp is clogged with sweat and product build-up, I will have my wash day by the end of this week.

I believe this hair schedule for June will work for my busy life style.

What is your hair schedule for his month?

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Beginner's series Regimen

5 Affordable Hair Products (Below N1,000)

May 13, 2016
Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

If you are like me, you  will most likely sort a hair product website by low to high when looking to buy a new product. I am always looking out for sales as well as promos when it comes to hair products. However, this does not mean that I will lower the quality of what I want in a product just because of its price. So, I have decided to put together a few affordable hair products below N1,000.

Shea butter: Also known as “ori”. You can use it to seal in moisture into your hair. I have some natural hair ladies who said it made their hair softer. It is usually sold either in square cuts or in small containers. Depending on the quantity you want to get, the price ranges from N50 to N500.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Black soap: A lot of natural have a lot of nice things to say about this black soap especially that it does a good job at cleaning their scalp. You may have to melt it in warm water before you wash your hair with it. A bar of black soap like Dudu-Osun sells between N185 to N220 in lots of shops.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Coconut oil: One of the few affordable hair products below N1,000 is coconut oil. This is one of my favorite oils and thank God, it is quite affordable too.  It is also called “Adi-agbon”.I got my N250ml bottle for N800. I use it for pre-poo as well as a massage oil for my scalp. It also helps to detangle your hair properly too.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Natural Deep Conditioners: I am referring to eggs, avocado, honey, etc. Many of these items are already in your kitchen. I usually add honey to my deep conditioners to give it some moisture boost. An egg is about N30 –N50 in Lagos. My mum used to have a mini poultry, so I got “free” eggs sometimes. Lol. Avocado also sells between N50 – N150 too. I got my bottle of original honey for N1,000 from a family friend who bought it from the honey hunters in Kogi state.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Satin caps: One of the affordable hair products is a satin cap. We all know that sleeping in satin caps reduce hair breakage while sleeping and also prevent moisture loss from your hair. You can get one for yourself between N600-N900. You can even make one by yourself if you are a fan of DIYs.

Affordable hair products - long Nigerian hair

Remember that not all products work for everyone the same way. Know your hair and what works for it.

So, what good product have you used recently that worked for you below N1,000?

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Hair Goals Regimen

May Hair Schedule

May 3, 2016

Happy new month ladies! As usual, I will be creating a hair schedule for the month of May. For me, having a hair schedule keeps me accountable to my hair goals. I try to do stuff month-by-month that will guide me towards the goal of a healthy & long hair. Let’s get to the May Hair Schedule

This month, I intend to wash my hair twice only.  I also will get a protein treatment. I am opting for low manipulation styles this month as well. I will be sticking to perm rods and buns. This is because my hair is prone to breakage whenever I manipulate it too much.

Week 1:

I intended to wash my hair this week. So, on Monday, which was yesterday,  I washed my hair. Thank God for the public holiday. Wash day post coming up soon. My protective style for this week is perm rods &  Bun. Once I get tired of the perm rods, I will wrap my hair in a bun that will last me to Sunday.

Week 2:

I will not wash my hair this week, I will continue to style my hair in a bun. I will switch up styles of the bun using Alice bands & colorful scarfs.

May hair schedule - long Nigerian hair

Week 3:

I have not done a protein treatment in over 2 months. This week I will protein deep condition with Aphogee Keratin 2 minutes reconstructor. I will also continue to protective style in a bun.

Week 4:

I will not wash my hair this week. Instead, I will add Aphogee keratin & green tea reconstructor to my hair to strengthen it.

In addition to my May hair schedule, I intend to moisturize and seal my hair everyday using water mixed with little glycerin and grape seed oil. You may be wondering why I will be sticking to just two hairstyles. I am trying to retain length as much as I can. That’s why.

How do plan to maintain your hair this month?

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Protective Styling Regimen Wash Day

Wash Day + Wig Protective Styling

December 2, 2015
This wash day, I decided to helps to retain length when on a journey to long Nigerian hair.

I’m finally 31 weeks post relaxed this wash day! I never knew I could stretch my relaxer for this long. I had to do a little mathematics here. This means that it has been 7 months & 3 weeks since I last applied relaxer on my hair. Yaaay! It’s super exciting. By now, my fingers have gotten used to the coarse texture of my new growth during my wash days. This wash day, I had to deal with a lot of tangles. It seems like, the more the new growth, the harder it is to detangle my hair. Thank God for Crème of Nature Conditioning treatment, it made the new growth softer. This time around, my Shea moisture leave-in conditioner did not make my hair softer as usual. It just sat right there on my strands. Maybe I need to switch up my regimen.

Products Used:

  • Crème of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment
  • Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave in conditioner
  • Grape seed oil
  • ORS Invigorating Shampoo
  • Honey
  • VItale Hair Mayonnaise

This wash day, I mixed both my protein & moisture deep conditioners with some honey to add a zest to my  deep conditioning. I braided my hair into 15 plaits. I dampened my hair with water to make it easy to detangle and do 15 single braids.

I then shampooed in the single braids. Towel- dried for 5 minutes. The weather was really breezy, so I air-dried immediately without t-shirt drying.

I applied my leave-in conditioner and sealed with grape seed oil while my hair was still damp. I whipped my hair into a bun and headed off to class. I stopped by to purchase a wig.

When I returned a couple of hours later, my hair was almost dried. To wrap up my wash day, I plaited my hair into 8 plaits (we call this style- straight all-back). This way, my wig will sit perfectly on my head. I intend to protective style for the next two weeks with this wig.

Protective styling helps to retain length when on a journey to long Nigerian hair.



Protective styling helps to retain length when on a journey to long Nigerian hair.

The Wig

washdayexperience badge (2015)

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New Hair products Arrivals

November 7, 2015
Hair products are needed to make your journey to long Nigerian hair easier.

I decided to stop being a product junkie and stop buying every new hair products on the block. Before now, once I hear a mouth-watering review about the wonders of a hair product, I will look for ways to get it. However, this time around, I found these new products by chance. I bought them because I actually needed them.

Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment:

Before I got this product, my deep conditioning section during my wash days were done with the protein conditioners. I never really thought about having a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment as well. A friend of mine was then complaining about how hard her hair was. She also said she read about a moisture DC treatment. I made my own research and discovered this product. It contains Argan oil as well. I used it during my last wash day and my hair thanked me for it. My hair was super softy but not mushy.

Hair products are needed to make your journey to long Nigerian hair easier.

ORS Hair Repair Invigorating Shampoo:

This month, I decided to spend as minimal as possible on my hair. I went to get a couple of make-up items at Mama Tega’s store in Yaba, Lagos when I saw this product. I was actually lacking in a shampoo. I read it label and it said it was sulfate free. I asked for the price and was told one thousand Naira. I wanted to scream in joy. The last time I saw a sulfate-free shampoo, the price was about two thousand, five hundred naira. I did not think twice before adding this shampoo to my shopping basket. I can’t wait to try it out.

Hair products are needed to make your journey to long Nigerian hair easier.

Hair Shears: 

The year is gradually coming to an end. I intend to trim my hair by December. I decided to buy hair shears ahead of that time because one cannot predict the availability of this product here in Lagos. I decided to buy mine before it runs out of stock.

Hair products are needed to make your journey to long Nigerian hair easier.

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JBCO Moisturizing Regimen

Top 5 Favorite Hair Oils & Butter

November 4, 2015
It is important to have hair oils in your regimen when on a journey to long Nigerian hair.

Over time in my hair journey, I have used various hair oils. I realized that some are thicker & heavier than others, some greasy, others non greasy. Some have the weirdest smell ever, while others smell heavenly. Amidst all of these, here are my top 5 selection of hair oils:

  • Grape seed Oil: I totally love this oil. It is the number one on my list of hair oils. It is light and does not weigh down my hair. It is also odorless ans less greasy when compared to other oils.
  • Coconut Oil: Since the day I made this oil myself at home, I have fallen in love with it. I use it most times as a pre-poo treatment. I also use it to detangle my hair. It also helps me to relieve dryness on my elbows.

It is important to have hair oils in your regimen when on a journey to long Nigerian hair.

  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil: What would I do without this oil? It is my miracle oil for restoring my edges. It is quite thick and smells burnt. I also use it when the weather is cold to seal in moisture to my hair.
  • Olive Oil: This is one oil I use sparingly but it is still one of my favorites. I use it the way I use my grape seed oil. I like the shine this oil gives to my hair.

It is important to have hair oils in your regimen when on a journey to long Nigerian hair.

  • Shea Butter: It is also known as ‘Ori’. When I want to add a zest to my pre-poo session, I add some Ori to my hair. Because I do not really like the smell, I rarely use it as a sealant.


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