Hello! I can only guess that as you are reading this post, you already have a jar of Hair Wonder Treatment Cream in your house. I had lots of friends who advertised this product to me. I have seen in on the major online stores in Nigeria. I went to the popular & ever-crowded Eko Idumota market over the weekend and I saw at least 2 women hawking this product. I became so curious that I bought one for myself. So, let’s move on to the Hair Wonder Treatment Cream review.

Ingredients: One of the reasons lots of ladies on a natural journey have been flocking towards this product is because it claims to have only natural ingredients in it. It contains Shea butter, coconut oil, lemon grass, etc. See the remaining ingredients below:

Hair Wonder Treatment Cream Review

Claims: They include hair growth, anti-dandruff, hair loss treatment, moisturizing, etc. See the rest below.

Hair Wonder Treatment Cream Review

Price: I purchased mine for N500, but i had to pay a delivery fee of N200. Total came to N700.

Consistency: This product is neither too thick or too runny. It is somewhere in the middle. It reminds me of the consistency of the regular hair creams you find in the supermarkets. However, it melts & becomes a bit runny when the weather is really warm.

Hair Wonder Treatment Cream Review

Smell: The smell is a bit hard to define. I could perceive lightly shea butter and a mix of most likely the other ingredients.

Does my hair love it? My hair has an open relationship with creams & butter generally. For the Hair Wonder Treatment Cream, I applied it very lightly on my scalp. For me, using too much of it makes my scalp too much.

Other uses: If I intend to use Hair Wonder Treatment Cream long term, I will most likely use it as a sealant during my wash days.

Reviews on Nigerian online shops:

Hair Wonder Treatment Cream Review

Have you used Hair Wonder Treatment Cream? Did you notice any improvement on your hair? Please share with so we can all learn.

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13 Comments on Hair Wonder Treatment Cream Review

  1. Hello
    Of course I have a jar of hair wonder in my house
    U are so sunny .
    Well i use hair wonder every day every hour i apply it on my hair abd now if u see my gair u will love it

    What a good product

    • Oops. So sorry to hear that. I hope your hair & scalp have recovered. Before you using a new product, you can try testing a small portion of your scalp before applying it everywhere.

  2. I had the same experience with the cream and oil product. Unfortunately, it had irritated my scalp to the point of severe inflammation.

    For me personally, there may be an ingredient in the product that is causing me this serious issue.

    Not all scalps are the same. Some are more tender than others as well as more sensitive to certain hair products.

    I was immensely looking forward to using this in the long term, since I got it all the way from Nigeria (Big up Nigeria!! )

    • Vry true, not all scalps are the same. That is why it is important to stick with what works for our scalp & hair. Sorry about the inflammation. We hope it has gone too. It was great to hear from you! Cheers.

    • Hello,

      For infant hair care, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician. This is because a baby’s scalp is very delicate and precaution needs to be taken when it comes to taking care of a baby. We have also sent this reply to you via email. Cheers.

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