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How to Save Money on Natural Hair

January 24, 2018
save money on natural hair

When you decided to go natural, a lot of people told you it was the best move for your hair; that your hair will be healthy, free of chemicals plus you will reduce your chances of getting fibroids, etc. You went natural and discovered that the money you spend on hair products was moving at a faster pace than the growth of your natural hair. Sounds familiar? Back then, in the quest of trying to grow my hair long & healthy, I bought every natural hair product a blogger I was following raved about. Name them sulfate-free this, paraben-free that, unrefined, 100% natural, biotin etc; I was lost in the maze of the natural hair world. Although I’m still learning, the monthly fee I spend on my natural hair has reduced drastically. Here’s how to save money on natural hair.

1. Simple is Smart:

You don’t necessarily have to go over 27 or 30 steps to wash your hair before you are good to go. These numerous steps usually require you to use a lot of products & this is not cost effective. It is important to find a simple regimen that works for you & stick with it.  My basic regimen has a sulfate-free shampoo, a protein & moisturizing deep conditioner, olive or avocado oil, a leave-in conditioner & my Cantu curling custard. In the past, I had 3 shampoos in my wardrobe just because I saw a good review about them on a blog or YouTube.

save money on natural hair

2. Be your own Stylist

If you have not already, it’s time to make YouTube your friend. You will find lots of hairstyle inspiration here, even from ladies with similar hair type as yours so you can save money on natural hair. While I was relaxed, I would probably spend N1,000 to wash & roller set my hair, but now, I will spend more at a natural hair salon. This is understandable as the costs of the natural hair products used are higher there.


3. Don’t try every new thing:

If you are newly natural, you might be lost as to which products work for your hair. Instead of buying the next natural hair product advertised to you, you can try your old products on your hair to see if they work. With time, you learn to understand your hair & what works for it. A lot of people swear by coconut oil for their hair. For me, coconut oil works only as a pre-poo. If I use it too often to seal moisture in my hair, my hair becomes brittle.  When you know what works for your hair, you will save money on natural hair

save money on natural hair

4. Use the right amount of  products on your hair:

Growing up, you might remember how the hair stylists used to lather heavy quantities of pomade on your scalp & hair in order to make it shine. Once you step into the hot Lagos sun, you will feel the excess oil from the pomade running down your neck. No need of this. A little goes a long way. A few drops of olive or avocado oil works magic for me in sealing my hair. When you also do your hair small sessions, you will use less products & the products will be evenly distributed to all of your strands. This way you will save money on natural hair.

save money on natural hair


5. Write down your budget & stick to it:

This is super important for you if you want to conquer the temptation that comes with impulse buying. If for example, you have written down N3,000 as the amount you want to spend for that month on natural hair products, you will notice that automatically this figure is what you will have at the back of your mind while shopping. However, it takes a lot of discipline to stick to your budget.

You might have been convinced about that ingredient from an ancient island that your favorite blogger recently spoke about for your natural hair. You googled it & the cost is way above your budget. Take a deep breath, think again & save yourself that money!

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