Hello! Who else has seen the floor length braids rocking the streets of Lagos? I was awed last week when I saw a lady on a bike with her floor length braids flying behind her. To add some color to this braids, some ladies make it two-toned, for example, black & gold, black & purple, brown & gold, etc. You might have been thinking of getting this style done, but first of all, let’s discuss the pros & cons.


The style is beautiful, especially when it is two-toned. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, yes, this is definitely for you! Want to be a show stopper as well? Oh yes! This is your style.


Maintenance & Care: When I do regular bra-length braids, it takes two days for me to adjust with the new “load” I have on my head. See what Naija Single Girl said about her knee-length braids:

No hair net could wrap it at night! I was wearing a flair skirt on my head to shower.
Sleeping nko? My corner was a top bunk and when I lie down, it dangled to the bottom bunk.

floor length braids - long nigerian braids

Cost Factor: I heard it take about 10 packs of hair extensions to make these floor length braids. With the ongoing recession in the country, a pack costs N1,000. Well……… maybe we should reserve this style for “big girls”. *just saying*

floor length braids

Hairline Check: We know that the more weight of extensions you put on your hair, the greater the chances of damaging your hairline. With the new craze of braid wigs, you can still rock your floor length braids with wigs instead.

Work/Social Life: Many work places in Lagos frown at such hairstyles as they claim it might distract your coworkers from concentrating at work. But if your workplace does not have such restrictions, you can rock it.

floor length braids - long nigerian hair
Erykah Badu. Photo Credit: Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Well, it seems the cons outweighed the pros for this floor-length braid style. But the choice still lies with you though.

See our very own Denrele rocking his.

floor length braids


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