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Be Hairspired – Meet longtime Naturalista Lisa

October 18, 2017
longtime naturalista

Today, we have a unique hair story from Lisa. She has been a naturalista all her life…. yes from birth. So you can already start to imagine how long her hair is. Her mom also plays a vital role in her hair journey. Plus she has a way of stretching her long mane. Let me stop here. Let’s meet beautiful longtime naturalista, Lisa.

Please introduce yourself and your location

Hi! I’m Ekpei Lisa Ojorumi. I reside in Ogun State, Nigeria precisely at Ibafo.

When and why did you start a healthy hair journey?
My mum had embraced natural hair from start and made up her mind to allow her daughters enjoy such benefits. That, I am a product of and I’m not regretting her choice. So, it’s been from birth exactly sixteen years.

What are your future hair goals?
I hope to increase ladies’ levels of confidence with my natural hair styles. Most girls shy away from decorating their natural hair and admire the natural hair carriers at the same time. Attachments are beautiful but will never create that uniqueness.

longtime naturalista

Advice for other Nigerian ladies on a hair journey
Discipline and consistency are the keys. Don’t be discouraged with your result. Your hair can be shorter but might be of a better quality than that long hair you compare with. No producer would badmouth his product. So, find the best cream and shampoo for your hair.
Finally, stand out with your natural hair irrespective of the length and texture and dress like real Africans. Drop your English wear if there’s a choice and be proud of your true identity.

Have you experienced setbacks on your hair journey? How did you bounce back?
Haaaah… So many ooo! #laughs My major setbacks were my hairdressers and dandruff. There were times when I washed my hair and dandruff set in. It was very costly for me then because I used various chemicals until it disappeared. Then, some hairdressers have ‘strong’ hands! I realized my hair loss increased after I invited them because my mum got tired for a while. During those periods, my edges pulled out until my mum took over. I really hail her. She nurtured it well.

longtime naturalista

Lisa(left) with her mum(middle) & sister(right)

What is your hair regimen?
I don’t monitor my wash days. My hair doesn’t get soft with water as it does with most ladies. So, I wash only when it gets itchy. I used Vaseline for a long time which I believe caused my dark hair colour until I changed to Pears baby oil and Dax. I’m pretty not into most artificial hair care ladies do. I just let my hair grow naturally and give it attention when needed. Due to my hair texture, I personally thread it every night to get softer the next morning. That’s very stressful though but I’m consistent with it.
Finally, I take fruits as breakfast and balance my diet later in the day.

What is the current length of your hair?
It might amuse you but I don’t measure my hair. For me, measuring one’s hair can lead to desperation in making it longer at all costs or rather, the disappointment if it remains stagnant or gets shorter.

longtime naturalista

What are your favorite hair styles?
Natural hair is really fun to style. I don’t use too many pins on my hair. So, my styles are always simple and puffy.

What social media channel(s) can we find you?
Facebook: Lisa Ekpei
Instagram: lisa_ekpei

Love to share your hair story to inspire others, please send a mail to

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      You will need to have a hair regimen which will include how you clean your hair, moisturize it, deep condition it, etc. You will also need to know the things that harm your hair & stops it from growing healthy.

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