Everyone has a weakness, for me it’s chocolate! Their heavenly taste is irresistible. From chocolate bars filled with nuts to those filled with caramel, coconut, etc, my love for chocolates will never wane. My favorite is dark chocolate. However, there is a small problem here. Ever since I went the fit fam route, I have been avoiding chocolates like a plaque. Last week I stumbled on a Pinterest pin that featured DIY healthy chocolate. I was so excited and started googling other recipes on 100% natural chocolate bars. Finally, I might just have my chocolates back.

These 100% natural chocolate bars are low in calories and high in antioxidants. The good thing is this entire recipe can be made in under 5 minutes.


– 100% Cocoa Powder

– Honey

Coconut oil


i. Mix the coconut oil and honey together properly. Add the cocoa powder and mix

00% Natural Chocolate Bars - long Nigerian hair

ii. Add the cocoa powder and mix thoroughly. A paste will be formed.

00% Natural Chocolate Bars - long Nigerian hair

iii. When the paste was too thick, I added some coconut oil to make it lighter.

00% Natural Chocolate Bars - long Nigerian hair

iv. When done, I poured it into  2 small flat bowls and put them in my kitchen freezer.

By evening, my chocolate bars were formed. They took the shape of the bowls though. I had to wrap them in foil papers afterward.

natural chocolate bars

natural chocolate bars

Voila! My easy to make 100% natural chocolate bars were ready! I have my healthy way to snack on my chocolates now.

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