Wash day in Senegalese Twists

I have never had a wash day in Senegalese twists before. But I had to do so because I had a lot of oily build up on my scalp from the products used last week. It was a lazy & quick wash day because I skipped pre-poo as well as deep conditioning. Here was how it went:

  • I skipped the prepoo stage as there was a lot of build up already. Adding coconut oil may weigh down my hair.
  •  I put Aphogee curlific shampoo in my spray bottle. I added some water. Then sprayed it onto my scalp. I cleaned my scalp using my finger tips to lather the shampoo. I then rinsed my hair with warm water. This was quite challenging because of the quantity of twists I have on.
  •  I wrapped a towel around my hair to soak up the excess water.

I also skipped the deep conditioning step because I was afraid all of it will not wash off completely. I did not want product residue sticking on to my Senegalese twists. Maybe by the next wash day, I can give deep conditioning a trial.

  • To wrap up my wash day session, I applied Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream when my twists were almost dried. I sealed with Grapeseed oil.


This wash day, I had to rid my scalp of the product build-up accumulated over the weeks.

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Temple Hair Growth: 30 Days JBCO Challenge Results

I always seek for ways to grow some grasses in the desert area of my head. lol! I am referring to the hair in my temple region. The temple region of my hair is the front part of my hairline. Because I usually install my braids & twists very tightly, I experienced a lot of hair loss at my temple area.

I checked online for ways to restore hair loss at the temple region and I discovered that a lot of people claimed that Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) restored their hairlines. Some of these people applied JBCO everyday for 30 days, while others applied it everyday for as long as three months. I then decided to embark on the 30 Days JBCO challenge.

How To

I massaged my temple hairline with JBCO twice daily for 30 days. Before I set out to work in the morning, I did this. I also did the same thing before I went to bed. I made sure I also slept in satin cap every night so as to prevent further breakages.

Here are my results:

By day 30,  I was amazed at the results I had gotten. Seems like I had grown a lot of grass in my desert region. lol! I think I will continue this challenge for 30 more days and see if my temple hair line will get fuller.

When the 30 Days JBCO Challenge was completed, the results spoke for themselves.

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Protective Styling: Marley Twists

After my wash day, I decided to visit the salon for a protective style. Protective styling protects the hair especially the ends from excessive manipulation. I opted for a variation of the Senegalese twist called Marley twists. I used Noble’s Kinky Bulk extensions.

Before going to the hair salon, I made sure I used a protein deep conditioner to deep condition my hair. I did this so as to fortify my hair from getting a lot breakage especially during the installation of the twists. I also made sure that my hair was well moisturized and sealed with oil before going to the hair salon.

I wanted to reduce breakage as much as possible even while installing this protective style, so I asked that the twists should not be installed too tightly. I told the stylist to make the size of my hair and that of the extension should be same. If the extension is bigger than my hair, it might weigh down my hair and cause breakage.

When the stylist approached my temple hairline, I instructed her not to hold my hair there too tightly. This is because the hair there is very fragile and prone to breakage.


Protective Styling is very important in length retention especially. Protective styling protects the ends of the hair from damages as well.
Protective Styling
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Wash Day: 8 Weeks Post Relaxer

My hair status is currently 8 weeks post relaxer. I have the new growth sprouting, but not a lot yet. Here is how my wash day 8 weeks post relaxer went:

1. Pre-poo: I did this with coconut oil and Cantu leave in conditioner mix. In this mix, I add water, leave-in conditioner and coconut oil together in a bottle.  I wore a shower cap and covered my hair with Hair Therapy Wrap for 20 minutes. This wrap will help the mixture sink into my hair strands.


2. Shampoo: I used the Aphogee curlific shampoo to get rid of product build-up. I used a lot of it because my hair was really dirty.

3. Deep Conditioner: I applied Vitale Mayonnaise all over my hair and then covered it with a shower cap. I deep conditioned using Hair Therapy Wrap for 30 minutes. Then I rinsed it with warm water.

4. I wrapped my hair in a towel for 5 minutes to soak up excess water.

5. Leave-ins: I applied conditioner mix with Cantu Leave in conditioner to my hair and then sealed in the moisture with grape seed oil.

6. Air Dry: Then I allowed my hair to air dry.


My hair status is 8 weeks post relaxer. This was day was quite easy as I do not have a lot of new growth despite may hair 8 weeks post relaxer

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Hair Regimen for Wig Protective Styling


Whenever I protective style with a wig, that tendency to neglect my own hair is always there. However, it is important to still have a hair care regimen when protective styling. If you neglect your own hair because you are wearing a wig, then you might also experience a lot of hair breakage. Hence, I use the regimen below to still take care of my own hair when wearing a wig.

1. I moisturize and seal my hair twice daily with my special mix of water, Cantu leave in conditioner, few drops of coconut oil and grape seed oil. I do this before I leave for the office in the morning as also prior to my bed time.

Conditioner Mix

2. I also baggy my whenever my hair feels really dry. I do t his by spraying my hair with the conditioner mix and wear a shower cap in order to generate some heat and provide some moisture.

3. I have my wash day once in two weeks. I also make sure I deep condition my hair on my wash days so that i can strengthen my strands.

4. I wear a satin bonnet to bed at night. This is to prevent my hair from hair breakage while asleep.

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Latest Purchase: Hair Therapy Wrap

I have always wanted to deep condition with actual heat so I was very happy when I read about the hair therapy wrap. But prior to buying the wrap I usually deep condition overnight. I read that it is easy to use and it also generates just enough heat to help with deep conditioning.

I received my order last week Friday which happened to be my wash day. So I decided to try it out.

With hair therapy wrap, my deep conditioning sessions will be better  as a result of the infusion of heat.

I set up the item as instructed in the manual. I inserted the gels that came with the cap in the cap’s compartments. Since my microwave is 1300 watts, I put the wrap in for 40 seconds.
After applying my deep conditioning treatment all over my hair, I wore the one of the shower caps that came with the package. Then I wore the wrap on the shower cap.

Because the cap did not feel hot I thought that it may not be so warm.  But I was soooo wrong. My hair felt so soft after 30 minutes when I took off the wrap.

I wish I got this product earlier probably at the start of my hair journey.

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