Harmattan Regimen

The harmattan came in a full force this January. It is characterized by extreme dryness. My scalp dried out a couple of hours after moisturizing it. Below is my regimen:

– I currently installed Senegalese braids (protective styling)

–  I moisturize and seal daily with water and coconut oil.

– I massage my scalp with coconut oil nightly.

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Disbeliefs and Doubting Thomas

So I decided to install a protective style (Senegalese twists) on Saturday. The stylist asked if I had any plans to have a relaxer touch up soon. I informed her about my hair journey and the need to stretch my relaxers. Before I could say Jack Robinson, she told me that all the stuff I read about healthy hair journey online are all a lie. She went on to say that a relaxer touch up should be done every 6 weeks as stated on the relaxer kit pack. She said she is a well experienced stylist since 1989, so I should heed her advice. She said it was also impossible for one to have waist length. If it were true, her hair should be reaching her feet by now.

Protective Styling - Senegalese Braids
Protective Styling – Senegalese Braids

I am even more motivated to continue on this journey. My doubting thomases are part of my inspiration.

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Why Blog a Bet???

I intend to grow at least 10 inches of my hair in 12 months.
The standard growth rate for my hair is 1/2  inch every month. This should results in 6 inches in 12 months.  However, I have decided to take on this challenge.

THE CATCH: I made a bet with a friend to give him 1000USD by December 31st 2015 if I acheive waist length hair. However, he will give me the 1000USD if I attain the goal.

Blogging is a means to document the journey to the goal.

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