First Attempt at DIY Leave-in Conditioner

DIY Leave-in conditioner

Hi ladies! How is the new week going? I had my wash day on Sunday and I did something new. Prior to this week, my leave-in conditioner was the Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1. I bought it because a friend raved about it. I noticed that whenever I used it, my hair felt really soft but looked dull & weighed down. I discontinued the product. Since I no longer have a leave-in conditioner, I decided to surf the web for a DIY leave-in conditioner.

I was excited when I saw lots of DIY leave-in conditioners recipes to try out. There were so many ingredients to pick out from as well, such as coconut oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil etc. I did not have all the stuff they recommended for a recipe, so I created mine.

DIY Leave-in Conditioner Ingredients


Castor Oil

Olive Oil



  1. Poured some water in my big spray bottle
  2. Added a few drops of glycerine
  3. I then added the one teaspoon each of castor oil and olive oil to the water
  4. I shook the bottle to mix the contents together. Applied to hair
  5. I did not use the entire content in the spray bottle. I intend to use the rest during the week.

DIY Leave-in conditioner


Did my Hair Love the DIY Leave-in Conditioner?

Yes! Yes!! My hair was quite soft & shiny when I was done applying it. It remained soft while I did my chunky twists as well. *Fingers crossed*.  I hope this newly found miracle leave-in of mine lasts long too.

DIY Leave-in conditioner

Have you tried DIY leave-in conditioners? What was your experience like?




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ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo Review

ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo Review

In the past, I have used lots of shampoo from various brands. Some made my hair too dry, others had a funny smell I hated. I remember a particular brand that claimed to detangle hair, left my hair in a hot mess when used. When I decided to buy my next shampoo, I made sure I paid attention to the ingredients in it. Immediately I saw “no sulphate” on the bottle of ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo, I quickly grabbed it. It also contains mint & peppermint


Many products have the usual scientific jargon. Here’s how the ORS website describes the ingredients:

Peppermint: offers cleansing, moisturizing, and soothing benefits. Aloe Vera: rich in allantoin, vitamin A, vitamin E and essential fatty acids that support the regeneration and balance of moisture. Aloe Vera counteracts skin irritation and protects against environmental influences.

Price: I bought it for N1,000 last year. However, due to the current inflation, I bought it for N1,500 two months ago.

Consistency: This shampoo is quite thick. I usually mix a part of it with water in my spray bottle before using it. This way I do not use more than enough. #MoneySavingTip

Does my hair love it? Yes! Yes!! I like the tingling minty sensation in leaves on my scalp. After shampooing with this product, I usually look at my scalp in the mirror. It is always so clean. It also  makes my hair easy to detangle. It lathers really well too.

ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo Review

Does it contain natural oils? Yes it does. It contains coconut oil, Olive fruit oil

How long does the product last? Due to the thickness and length of my hair,a bottle usually lasts about 3 months for me. Remember that I also wash my hair every two weeks

ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo Review.

Will I continue to use ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo? Of course I will. It does not dry my hair out. It does a good job at cleansing too. Lest I forget, the smell is quite nice.

Ever tried ORS HaiRepair Invigorating Shampoo? Please share your thoughts.


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69 Weeks Post relaxed Hair – Wash Day

69 weeks post relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair

Happy new week ladies! For many, Fridays are for `turn-ups` & hanging out with friends. For me, it is wash day for my hair. At 69 weeks post relaxed, I seem to need a third hand to handle the thickness of my hair when washing it. I now section my hair in 4 places for better washing. I also gave twists out another try this week using Eco Styler Gel.


  • ORS invigorating shampoo
  • Crème of Nature Hair Masque
  • Heat Therapy Wrap
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Lean in Conditioner
  • Eco Styler Gel

69 weeks post relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair

How it went:

Cleaning: Due to the thickness of my hair, I sectioned it into 4 places. As usual, I mixed my shampoo with water in a spray bottle before apply it on my scalp. Instead of scrubbing your hair with the shampoo, use your fingertips to clean your scalp. When you rinse the shampoo, it will clean the strands of hair.

Deep Conditioning: I made sure I used my fingers to detangle my hair once I applied my deep conditioner in it. The deep conditioner made detangling easier. Instead of deep conditioning overnight, I used my Heat Therapy Wrap instead for about an hour. I then rinsed off with warm water. I used cold water for my final rinse.

69 weeks post relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair
Prepping my hair for wash day

Moisturizing & Sealing: While my hair was still damp, I applied my leave in conditioner in the 4 sections I initially did. I am currently experimenting with the Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1. It contains mineral oil which many hair enthusiasts have criticized. Well, it is its advantages and disadvantages. I will do a review on it next week. At 69 weeks post relaxed, I need all the moisture I can get. I then sealed in the moisture with olive oil.

Twists Out & Bun: I used Eco Styler gel on the twists. However, it did not hold well like the one I did last week. Even the curls were looser compared to when I used Africa’s Best Curl Styling Gel.  After a day, I styled my hair in a bun.

69 weeks post relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair


69 weeks post relaxed hair - long Nigerian hair

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Go Natural without the Big Chop- Here’s How

tips to transition to natural hair

Hello beauties! Today’s post is inspired by some ladies who have approached me to ask ” How do I go natural without cutting my hair?” For those on a healthy hair journey already, this cutting of hair is usually called the “Big Chop”. The Big Chop is when you decide to cut off those parts of your hair that you have previously applied relaxers on.  I chose not to do the Big Chop, instead I have been transitioning to natural hair for about 1 year, 3 months now. If you have decided to go natural, here are a few tips that you will find useful.

TIP #1: Moisturize Regularly

This had to be the number 1. When you hair is dry & lacking in moisture, it is prone to breakage. When transitioning, you are dealing with your relaxed hair at the end and the natural hair growing from the roots, You have to moisturize to prevent excessive hair breakage at the point where the relaxed hair meets the natural hair. You can follow the L(liquid), O(Oil), C (Cream) method when moisturizing.

Go Natural without the Big Chop

Tip #2: Deep Conditioning

I chose to deep condition my hair every two weeks mostly on the days when I wash my hair. I also use a keratin treatment every two months. Deep conditioning strengthen your hair & nourishes your hair as you transition. It is important to use products that your hair loves.

Go Natural without the Big Chop

Tip #3: Protective Styling 

There were a lot of days that I did not even know how to style my hair when i started transitioning. Wigs came to the rescue. While you decide to go natural, protective styles become even more useful. I also did Senegalese twists sometimes. Now that my natural hair is longer, I do Bantu knots out and twists out.

Go Natural without the Big Chop


Tip #4: Research & Learn

From how to wash your hair, to deep conditioning, to styling your hair, there is a lot you can learn from the internet.

No one can claim the monopoly of knowledge. So many ladies have transitioned to natural hair without cutting their relaxed hair. You can learn from them on the internet.

Tip #5: Reduce or stop the Use of Direct Heat

I know you love straightening your hair every week for the straight hair you are used to. Bu the down side to this is that , excessive use of direct heat can weaken your hair. It will be best if you reduce their use or stop it till you are done transitioning.

Are you transitioning to natural hair? Please add your own tips!

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Be Hairspired | 4C Hair Chic- Noushky

4C hair chic. Be Hairspired hair series

Hello ladies! It’s another interesting & exciting week of the Be Hairspired Series. Our guest is a 4C hair chic with loads of tips on how to grow your hair long & healthy. Let’s meet Noushky!

Please introduce yourself and your location.

My name is Noushky and I am from New York City!

What are your future hair goals? 

My hair goal is to maintain healthy hair because length does not equal to hair health.

4C hair chic. Be Hairspired hair series - long Nigerian hair

When & why did you start a healthy hair journey?

I started my hair health journey when I was 17 and did not perfect it till now.  My reason for starting my journey was that I realized the less I manipulated my hair the more I achieved length and thickness.

What are your future hair goals?

My hair goal is to maintain healthy hair because, hair length does not equal to hair health.

Advice for Nigerian ladies on a hair journey? 

Be your own hair guru. There will be times when you will watch online hair tutorials in the hopes that your hair will achieve the same desired look. You will purchase the same product do the exact method as the person in the tutorial yet the results are different and sometimes not satisfying. That’s the best part of your hair journey. Trial and error, understanding what works for that person’s hair may not work for yours. This is what makes it a hair journey.

4C hair chic. Be Hairspired hair series - long Nigerian hair


Have you experienced setbacks on your hair journey? 

When I highlighted my hair.  At first, I thought adding color to random parts of my hair would give me a hip look, as a consequence, the ends of my hair dried out and I had to trim it.

What is your hair regimen?

Being that, I have 4C hair type, I have to focus on retaining moisture and length. I co-wash my hair once every two weeks and in the end of the month I shampoo. In addition, I like moisturizing my hair with curl milks or hair butters and detangle my hair with my fingers.

4C hair chic. Be Hairspired hair series

What is your current hair length? 

My current hair length is shoulder length in the front and armpit length in the back.

What is your favorite way to style your hair? 

Pineapple hairstyle! It is a great professional hairstyle and I am able to refresh the hairstyle by spritzing my hair with water and twisting the ends before I go to sleep.

Where can we find you on social media? 

You can find me breaking combs on Instagram-   @BreakingDenmanBrushes .

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67 Weeks Post Relaxer Wash Day + Twist Out

Twist out on transitioning hair

Hi guys! Yes. It’s been 67 weeks that I last relaxed my hair. Phew! If I was told a year ago that I would stretch my hair for this long, I would have doubted it. But then, it happened. I have gotten used to seeing and feeling the texture of my hair. I am not sure whether it is 4B or 4C, but the coils are there. I also did Twist Out for the first time. Let’s head over to this week’s wash day.


Pre-poo: Coconut oil

Shampoo: ORS invigorating Shampoo

Deep Conditioner: Creme of Nature Strengthening Milk Mask

Leave in: Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1

Sealant: Grape Seed Oil

Butter: Shea Butter

Twist out on transitioning hair
Shea butter

I started by mixing coconut oil and some water in my spray bottle because my hair was really dry. I sectioned my hair into 3 parts.  I then applied the mix all over my hair and covered with a shower cap for about 10 minutes. I used that time to microwave and eat my dinner.

I mixed my shampoo with water in my bigger spray bottle and sprayed on my scalp. This makes sure that the shampoo gets to every part of my scalp. I usually shampoo with warm water. Next, I applied my deep conditioner to each section of my hair and then covered it with a shower cap. I wrapped my cotton t-shirt around the shower cap so that water does not drip to my pillow case while I slept.

The next morning, i rinsed off the deep conditioner section by section. I had to be sure that I had none left in my hair. I toweled dried my hair for 2 minutes. I wrapped it in a t-shirt for about 15 minutes. I prefer to do the L.O.C (Liquid, Oil,Cream) method on my wash days. I applied my leave in conditioner in the sections and then sealed with grape seed oil before applying the Shea butter on it.

The Twist Out

I recently bought the African Pride Curl Styling custard and used it while doing the twist out. While my hair was slightly damp & moisturized, I applied the custard to each part I wanted to twist. At the end of each twist, I rolled my relaxed hair  around itself towards the end of the twist.

Twist out on transitioning hair

Twist out on transitioning hair

Twist out on transitioning hair

Twist out on transitioning hair


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Be Hairspired|Meet Naija Naturalista- Tosin

naturalista - Be hairspired series. The Afropelo

Hi ladies! I am excited about today’s hair feature on our Be Hairspired series. She is a naturalista with an amazing hair journey. Whether you are relaxed, transitioning or a naturalista, I am sure you will learn a lot from her.

– Let’s meet you
I’m Tosin Farai, a student of the University of Ibadan. Also, the CEO of Afropelo. Born and raised in Ibadan. Proudly Ibadan girl!

– When & why did you start a healthy hair journey?
Ok my hair journey. Well it was sometime in 2014, when I started hearing about the whole #teamnatural hype. It was all over the internet, and around that time was when my relaxed hair was really pissing me off, was just cutting and I started getting tired of relaxing. I just wanted something different. So I decided to transition around August. Didn’t last long though, I eventually did the big chop in November that year.

What are your future hair goals?
Well I really want to see where this hair is going. I actually have waist length in mind, not just for my personal interests, but to also show people that Nigerian hair does grow, and it’s also not as expensive as most of these naturalista today make it look. That’s actually the Afropelo goal.

naturalista - Be hairspired series. The Afropelo

Advice for other Nigerian ladies on a hair journey?
Well like I just said, its not that expensive. If you can’t afford deep conditioners, make your own! You just need to understand your hair personally, and your schedule as well to get a good regimen. Not everything out there is meant for you, take time and do the right things.

Have you experienced setbacks on your hair journey? How did you bounce back?
Setbacks. Ah yes! That’s one I’m even just overcoming. My hair is quite thick and I just realized its low porosity. That caused a major issue for me. It got so hard for moisture to penetrate and detangling was almost impossible. Then the worst was styling cause it was just too hard. With better research and patience, I see better things to do, also what to add and remove from my regimen.

naturalista - Be hairspired series. The Afropelo

­What is your hair regimen?
Well my regimen changes as my hair gets longer with time, but basically, when my hair is out, I make sure to deep condition with heat and detangle once every week and moisturize twice a week. I also try to steam before i moisturize mid week, this helps my low-porosity hair take in moisture. Then i do rinses a lot when I deep condition, mostly the tea rinse. Once or twice a month, according to how my hair feels, I replace the deep conditioner with a hot oil treatment. I do a lot of protective styles, this goes a long way in maintaining length.

I do either twists or cornrow styles once I moisturize and leave this for half the week, or the whole week. Then spritz my hair with my spray bottle and use my satin scarf for the night. By the next morning, my style is refreshed so I don’t have to manipulate it again.
When I really have no time, mostly in school, cause of my tasking course, I do long-term protective styles, mostly mini twists, crotchet braids or regular braids.

What is the current length of your hair?
Hmm. Last time i did a length check it was somewhere below my neck. About 8-9 inches.

naturalista - Be hairspired series. The Afropelo

What is your favorite way to style your hair?
Oh twists!! I love my twists. Apart from how well they protect my length, they also always look so good on me; my hair type really accommodates it. Even when it’s rough, still looks soo good! That’s a style that makes me love my natural hair.

What social media channel(s) can we find you?
Anywhere! Lol
My blog:
Instagram: @the_afropelo

Facebook: Afropelo: The African Hair

Are you a relaxed, transitioning or a naturalista & want to be featured on our Be Hairspired series, please send a mail to

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