Hello. I’m back with my wig regimen. I intend to take a break from styling & manipulating my natural hair. As usual, my go-to is a wig. Some of us enjoying wigs for a variety of reasons. For me, when my schedule becomes crazy or I want to take a break of my hair, I resort to wigs. However, prepping your hair for wigs is important. You should do it at least a week before you start wearing the wig.

Prepping your Hair for Wigs

1.Deep Condition: This is very important especially if you are wearing your wigs for more than a week. I used Creme of Nature Masque to deep condition at least a week before I start to wear my wigs.

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

2. Moisturize: You might already have moisturized & sealed your hair after deep conditioning it, but you have to check again to make sure there is no dry strand of hair anywhere. Because your hair will be hidden under a wig does not mean you should neglect moisturizing it.

3. Plait beneath the Wig: You should also consider the kind of plait that will be under your wig. If I am wearing a straight wig, I prefer to do Didi. This way there are no bumps protruding out of the wig & the wig sits well on the scalp. Yo can do flat twists if you want your wig to appear fuller.

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

4.Daily Care: I prefer to spray a mixture of water & olive oil on the plaits every morning.

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

The Wig(Find it here):

Prepping your hair for wigs - long Nigerian hair

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