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The Lazy Naturalista’s Guide for the Rainy Season

August 7, 2017
naturalista's guide for the rainy season

Hello! As we all know, the rains are here and the downpour has been serious. *shivers* My umbrella is now constantly in my bag just in case. Also, during the rainy season, it is common to see infections like common cold, cough, etc, so you need to take care of the food you eat and water you drink. *handing you an orange*. Besides it is important you take care of your hair this rainy season. Dirty rain water, raised levels of humidity might have an adverse effect on your hair & scalp. Here is a lazy naturalista’s guide for the rainy season:

Try to protect your hair from the rain: You might remember the last time your hair was caught in the rain and you had to endure that nasty damp smell that followed afterward. As part of the naturalista’s guide, always keep a shower cap in your bag always to keep your hair protected.

naturalista's guide for the rainy season

Shampoo to Remove Damp Smell: Truthfully, it’s a bit difficult not to get your hair wet this rainy season, but when you do, get it dried immediately. However, if u are unable to do so, u might need to shampoo after to get rid of the smell. Remember to deep condition after washing your hair.

 Consider Wig Styling: If for one reason or the other your hair gets wet by the rain multiple times in a week, shampooing all those times will be too excessive. You might want to try wigs. With wigs, you can pull them off to dry when they get wet by the rain.

naturalista's guide for the rainy season

Use Hand Dryers Sparingly: You might be tempted to use hand dryers to dry your hair. Do this as minimal as possible as too much of it can cause your hair to dry excessively which can lead to breakage.

Sealing in the Moisture: Yes, this is very important too. You would notice that the air conditioners in your home or office get colder during this season. You need to moisturize & seal your hair regularly so the ACs don’t dry them out.

 One last thing, don’t forget to drink lots of water this season.

Got more tips for us? Please share so we can learn & add to our naturalista’s guide.

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