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Transitioning Hairstyles for Beginners

March 17, 2017

Hello, how are you today? Finally, it seems like the rainy season has begun in Lagos already. Please keep warm & eat lots of fruits. Back to today’s topic! So many Nigerians now want to go natural, but they are stuck at whether or not they should ” cut their hair” a.k.a start afreshย or they should transition. For those that are transitioning, they are not sure of how to style their hair. For me, when I started transitioning, I decided to cover up my hair with wigs, and thatย was when I discovered my love for wigs. However, there are actually so many transitioning hairstyles for beginners across the internet that you can try out.

These hairstyles are quite easy to do in no amount of time.

1. Buns with Accessories:

It’s super easy to pull up a bun, but make sure that edges are not pulled too tightly. Because you have two textures in your hair now (relaxed & natural hair) you can use Alice bands or scarfs to decorate or hide the new growth you have.

2. Bantu Knots Out:

Thank God I discovered this style in my early transitioning days. It was really easy to learn & practice. Once you have moisturized your hair, you just need to roll each section around itself & unravel the next morning. Viola!

3. Twists & Box Braids:

You can decide to twist just your own hair or add extensions to it. But bear in mind that your twists & braids should not be too tight so it does not cost you your edges.

Transitioning hairstyles for beginners

4. Crochet Braids:

As long as your plait beneath the crochet is not tight, crochet braids are really beautiful transitioning hairstyles for beginners.

Transitioning hairstyles - crochet braids

5. Flexi Rods:

Looking for a way to blend your relaxed hair and the new growth you have? Try Flexi rods. In Lagos, most people know Flexi rods as bending rollers. In case, you want to buy, you know what to call it.

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